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© 2018 by Leonology

Terms of service

  • Payment
    All payment is upfront with Paypal. I don't accept any other form of payment.

  • References
    You must have visual references of your character. Adding a written description of them to describe their personality and such does help in the creation. I've had some instances where clients don't have a very clear reference due to the quality of their camera or their artwork and have worked perfectly fine with them. I will ask for more detail though if I can't understand what's happening in the reference. 

  • Refund Policy
    I do allow refunds. If I have not started on your commission yet then I will give you a full refund. If I am half-way through then I will give you half your money back. If I have already completed it then I will not allow a refund. 

  • Making Changes and WIPs
    I will send you Work in Progress (WIP) shots during the commission process! I will typically send a rough sketch of the drawing and ask you if the poses and expressions are correct before I proceed to finalize it. If you would like to make a change please do so when I send the rough sketch and there will not be any additional charges. If you would like something changed and I'm already in the process of finalizing it then it will result in additional charges. 

  • Declining Your Order
    I have every right to decline your order. I will usually only do this if I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work or I feel as if the drawing is way out of my skill level. Some characters won't translate well into my style. If you ask me to draw something I have already clarified that I won't draw then I will decline. Please, don't take it personally.

  • Complex Character Designs 
    There will be additional charges to your commission if I feel they have a very complicated design that will take more time than usual. 

  • Turnaround Time
    I will finish a commission within a span of 2 weeks to a month after payment. If there's a deadline you'd like me to meet then let me know! If you'd like me to complete a drawing in a few days please note that this will heavily affect the quality of the finished product. If you have an issue with how long I'm taking to do your commission please bring it up to me privately. Keep in mind I'm a uni student and have other obligations.

  • Usage of Commission
    All commissions are for personal use unless otherwise stated! If you're planning on using your commission for your YouTube channel (monetized) or a book you're selling then please say so. Do not profit off my artwork without consent. You are allowed to upload your commission wherever you want! Just please don't claim it as your own artwork. 

  • Finished Work
    The final artwork will be sent to you through email without a watermark. I will send a variety of different versions such as with a watermark, transparent, with background, without background, and with a white outline. I upload most of the artwork online and may possibly use it in my professional portfolio. If you would like to keep this drawing private then please say so. 


  • Suggestive   

  • Blood

  • Human/Human-like characters

  • Fan OCs

  • Shippings

  • Kemonomimis

  • Tasteful nudity

  • Real people (based off photos)


  • Mechs​/Robots/ Machine

  • Armor

  • NSFW

  • Anthros (ears and tails are okay)

  • Extremely muscular characters

  • Gore

  • Very complex designs (please ask if you're unsure!)

  • Elderly people

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me at askleonlowell@gmail.com!

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